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May - July 2018

What a winter we had.

We were inundated with call outs about faulty boilers, but many of them could have been avoided had people looked at their boilers during the summer months.


Preparing in Summer

During the summer you wouldn’t be alone if your thoughts on sprucing up your home are geared towards painting walls, and making your garden an enjoyable place to relax.


But give some thought to your boiler.


Unsung Hero

Boilers are often an unsung hero. Forgotten about when working and keeping you warm, but very quickly your worst nightmare when faulty.


Boiler vs Car

Think of a boiler like a car. You get a car serviced every year to make sure that it is safe and road worthy and the same rules apply for your boiler.

Whilst you don’t drive around in your boiler, if it goes wrong it could have a big detrimental affect on you and your loved ones - especially should the worst happen and it starts emitting carbon monoxide emissions.


When to Check Your Boiler

Summer is the ideal time to get your boiler looked at.

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure.


We wouldn’t want anyone to experience their boiler breaking during one of our many cold spells - and unfortunately they can happen any time of the year, summer and winter.


The Benefits

By having your boiler serviced during summer, if your boiler is highlighted to have a potential problem in the near future, it will not only give you time to save (if need be) but you could actually save yourself some money.

Spotting a problem before it happens isn’t always possible but we have a highly trained team who are used to most type of boilers and as such know what areas to look out for with different models.


Wherever possible we will always advise of any potential problems and the different options available to either fix or watch out for.


A Great Team

We are proud of our ethos in business, in that we always treat our clients as if they are family and friends, and therefore give the service that we want them to receive.

As such we are becoming increasingly busier and are currently looking for a highly trained and qualified heating and plumbing engineer who shares our way of working.


Contact Us

If you are looking for a boiler service or any help with heating and plumbing, please get in touch.


Fingers crossed for a warm summer with lots of barbecues!

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