- The Gift Of Good Health

May - July 2018

Welcome to my third and final contribution to this magazine. It truly has been a pleasure sharing my knowledge with you and I hope to leave you with some real food for thought around the importance of prioritising your health.


Living as Healthfully as Possible

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what circumstances you currently find yourself in, I want to impress upon you just how essential it is that you do whatever little you can every single day to live as healthfully as possible.

With the demands and distractions of our modern world, we need to take greater intentional care of ourselves than ever before. Because quite simply daily movement, a balanced diet and good sleep are no longer a given.

Hectic Lifestyles

Our lives are generally more sedentary, our diets filled with lower quality food and our sleep compromised by devices, alcohol and caffeine. So without setting a clear intention to be more active, eat well and sleep better, we leave ourselves open to a rapid decline in our health at every level, not just physical but mental and emotional too.


A Gift

So if I achieve only one thing from this piece it’s to help you realise that your good health is a gift, not just to yourself but your loved ones and the wider world. 

Because a healthier you, is a happier you.

A you that is free from sickness and stress, a you that is able to live their most powerful life and make a greater contribution to the world around them.

So I believe we therefore have a duty to strive to be the healthiest version of ourselves we can possibly be.


Just think of it in the context of your own life.


How much more of a better person could you be if you had more energy, confidence and clarity?

Even if you’re already a great partner, parent or professional, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make an even greater impact on the lives of those around you?


You’ve possibly already felt it before, at those times when you’ve made more intentional efforts to start taking greater care of yourself.


You begin to feel more connected in both body and mind, in greater control of your well-being and as a result, start to feel even more focused and attentive to the most important things in your life.


Personal Experience

I’ve felt it in my own life and seen it time and time again with those I’ve worked with.

As soon as we set out on a more focused health path and begin to show more care, love and compassion towards ourselves we naturally begin to want to do more for others too.


Now imagine everyone operating at that level.


All of us with the freedom, energy and focus to truly thrive at every level of life…then doing all we can to help others to do the same.


Our entire world populated by people all living individually and collectively with the greatest levels of health, love and purpose.


Just think what could be accomplished.


Survival vs Living

Now of course we can survive without being more intentional and attentive to how we eat, move and live but is that really what we want? To just get by. Never truly knowing just how much more we could really be?


Of course we can still accomplish goals, be successful and help others but imagine if you were even just a few percent healthier than you are today. How much more could you achieve? How much more of a contribution could you make?


Good News

It really doesn’t take anywhere near as much time or energy as you might think to start living more healthy.


The key is to start where you are, with what you feel you can most immediately work on right now and build from there. 


What I mean is to not try to overhaul your health all in one go but rather start small and use each little milestone as a building block for your future efforts.


It might be going for a 10minute walk every day, or simply using the stairs at work instead of the lift. It could be to stop putting sugar in your morning coffee or going to bed at a smarter time to give you a better nights sleep.


Just take a few moments to write down 3 to 5 small health wins you feel you can start implementing right now and focus your energy there. 


No marathon gym sessions or crazy crash diets, just the most intuitive changes you feel most ready, willing and able to work on right now.


Then when these have become a staple part of your daily routine, pick some more and begin working on those.


Motivation Drops?

If it ever gets tough or you feel your motivation drop take comfort from the fact that this tiny investment of effort now will provide you with wonderful returns in both the short and long term of your life.

Because what better way to secure your future happiness than by giving your time and energy to health now rather than sickness later?


Quite simply, better health means a better life for us and those that rely on us.


You Know Best

Just remember that what works best, above all else when it comes to building your healthiest and most powerful life, is that you do it on your terms.

Simply do your best to build in the right new practices at the right time and pace for you personally.

Explore the many possibilities and don’t ever believe that one single workout, diet or healthy lifestyle approach will be the best for you just because it worked for someone else.


Forge a diet around foods you know you already like, do forms of movement that you love and follow your own heart when it comes to your health.


You know your body and mind better than anyone else ever will, just make sure to listen in once in a while, you might just be amazed by what you hear.


Saying Goodbye

I truly hope that I’m leaving you in a far better place than when we began and that you feel better informed and inspired to do what you can to truly be your personal best.


If you feel I can be of any service to you now or in the future please do not hesitate to get in touch. I offer a range of coaching options that can be tailored to your specific needs and it would be my pleasure to help you overcome any health challenges you are facing.


My thanks to Katie and the team at B-Inspired for all their help and support and wish them much success for the future.


To you our reader, I simply hope that you are able to live your healthiest, most powerful life and use it to help others do the same.


Yours in health. 


Chris Tatch

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