- Are you ‘Fit For Purpose’?

March - May 2018

Welcome to another instalment of my thoughts on all things health and fitness, I appreciate you taking the time to tune in.

In this issue I want to build on what I shared in my last piece on setting behaviour based goals; by discussing another key aspect of the change process…MOTIVATION!

‘Motivation’ has become a real buzzword in the fitness, diet and wellness worlds, with the Internet and social media awash with ‘motivational quotes’ and hash tags such as #motivationmonday. 

Now I’m definitely not saying that’s a bad thing, far from it. We all certainly need a little kick-start every now and then, so an inspirational quote or picture at the right time can be a really positive thing.

However, we often fall into the trap of thinking of motivation as an external thing we need to ‘find’, believing it to be something we do or don’t ‘have’.

Well, I’m here to assure you that REAL motivation is so much more than a fleeting sensation and how you can most effectively tap into it at all times! 


Motives = Goals
You see by focusing more on your deepest ‘motives’ for wanting to get healthier you are far more likely to stay true to your goals.

This is a key part of any goal setting process, because while it’s essential to know exactly ‘what’ you want, getting super clear on ‘why’ you want it is even more important in ensuring you stick with the process.

Let me be clear in what I mean by your ‘why’. With the majority of people I work with, when I ask them why they want to achieve the goals they have, they all typically give me a very standard response.

Take my client Allison for example, when I asked her what her main goal was she replied ‘to lose weight and get fitter’. When I asked why that goal was important to her she replied ‘because I want to look better and have more energy’.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are simple but powerful reasons that can certainly be used to keep her motivated throughout her change process.However, in order to ensure the greatest possible connection and adherence to her goal, I wanted to take her much deeper.

So I asked again ‘Why is that important to you?’

After thinking for a few moments she looked at me and said ‘because I want to feel more attractive and not exhausted all the time’. Again, great reasons. But I still felt she was holding something back so I asked her one more time, ‘why is that important to you?’ 

At this point, like most people, Allison took a much longer pause. You see, most of us rarely, if ever, question ourselves to this degree.

After quite a long time, she eventually said ‘because I want more passion in my marriage and more energy to play with my children’. 

BOOM! Now those are DEEP motives to attach to your goals and give you real, enduring motivation you can draw on throughout your journey.

So I had Allison write down these deep ‘whys’ down alongside her goals and from there we mapped out a clear and manageable plan that would ensure she achieved all that she wanted and more.

Fast forward 3 months and Allison is already feeling more confident, attractive and energised, continually checking back in to her ‘whys’ to keep her focus and willpower topped up! 

You see, one thing we know about human beings, is that beyond our basic survival needs such as air, food and shelter, we have a real desire for ‘purpose’. 

More surface level goals, such as ‘looking better’ or ‘feeling healthier’ are great start points in creating a positive change in your life. However, they are rarely enough to give you the real fuel for success.  


Revive Your Journey
So, if you’re feeling ready to start out on a new health and fitness path or simply just want to revive your current journey, take some time to find your deepest ‘whys’.


Write down your goals and ask yourself, ‘Why is this important to me?’
Whatever answer comes up, note it down, take a moment to look at your answer and then, ask yourself the question again, ‘Why is THIS important to me?’. 


Try this up to 5 times to see just how deep you can go. Then, regularly check back in to review and reaffirm your reasons. You’ll  be amazed by how powerful this one simple exercise can be.

In doing this exercise please do be mindful that discovering your deepest ‘whys’ can sometimes be quite an emotional experience so be prepared for some things to come up that you might not be expecting. 

Just remember that your ‘whys’ are yours and yours alone, so it does not matter what they look like the most important thing is that whatever drives you to become fitter and healthier is equally good for those around you.


A Good Example
You see when we show ourselves the necessary care and compassion needed to build our healthiest possible life, we naturally become more caring and compassionate towards others.

We become a good example to those around us and can even put our greater energy and resilience to use by helping causes beyond our own.

A perfect example is this month’s ‘Sport Relief’ event, an opportunity for people to channel their fitness toward doing something amazing for others. 

Beyond your own more personal drives for improving your life and the lives of your loved one’s, using a charitable cause such as this can also be a powerful motivator.


Truly Fit For Purpose
Whatever you feel will work best for you, just remember that in order to create real, lasting motivation, don’t just focus on getting ‘fit’ but rather aim to be truly ‘fit for purpose’.

If you would like more help with this or for that matter any aspect of your health and fitness,  please do not hesitate to get in touch - I would love to help you build your healthiest possible life.


FREE Consultation
In that spirit I’d like to offer you a free consultation call during which we can discuss your needs and goals. From this I can help you to devise an effective strategy that will better guide your efforts. 


Simply visit my website for more information.

Until next time, stay well and keep on moving. Coach Thatch

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