- Creating a Facebook Page (and Facebook Security)

Katie Kitson

November 2016

As I am interacting mainly via B Inspired’s Facebook Business Page, I feel it is a great place to start providing marketing tips, especially with Facebook almost becoming a new Google and if your business can take advantage of Christmas coming up.

As with everything, there are many pros and cons to Facebook, but in the main the pros outweigh the cons for small businesses.


Everybody loves something for nothing (as our magazine is proving), so even if you create a page with your details on you are enhancing the potential to be seen.


That being said having a page that is mostly empty, inactive and doesn't communicate when people do find you, may not leave the lasting impression you had hoped for.


So what should you be looking at doing, how and when?

Before Setting Up A Page

I recommend setting up a page from your personal profile, as you will find it a lot easier to manage (and Facebook no longer allows companies to have profile pages, and is still going through removing/converting them to pages).


Don’t worry about creating a page via your personal profile as nobody will be able to see or access any of your personal profile - unless you choose to share it. 

They are totally separate entities.


SECURITY TIP: If like me you comment on groups refering to your page, make sure your personal profile settings are set, as desired, so you can keep the information you don’t want accessible/seen by others hidden. To do this click the arrow on the top right hand side (by a padlock), and click settings. From here you can edit who can see what, and whether you can be found by Google or in searches. Make sure you also click on the Apps section and remove any that you do not want on there, and edit those which you do want to remain (look to see who can see what, and what information the app companies can view - in most cases I would suggest removing all available ticks on the right hand side, to ensure maximum secruity. To make sure all the settings you want are in place, click on the arrow by a cog (usually bottom right hand corner of cover picture) and click ‘view as...’ this will show you what other people can see.

Setting Up A Page

To create a page either visit or click ‘create page’ which is usually found on the left hand side of your Facebook profile.


Next choose an appropriate page type - each type allows for different information to be completed and featured, and whilst the options can be overwhelming (especially if you are unsure of their benefits), starting on the right foot is important, as it will determine what type of information can be listed - helping you to be found easier, as well as helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


Your page options are:

- Local Business or Place.

Designed for bricks and mortar businesses, where people can physically visit you.


- Company, Organisation or/ Institution.

If you don’t have people visiting your phyiscal locations, or have multiple locations. (If you do have a location, and want to add ‘check in’, Facebook will allow you to do this option after set-up.


- Brand or Product.

A great option if you are wanting to/already sell your products across different platforms e.g. retailers, resellers.

- Artist, Band or Public Figure.

Ideal if you are a celebrity, promoting yourself or another specific person/group/band.


- Entertainment.

Category options here include concert tours/venues, sports leagues, TV shows, Amateur sports teams...


- Cause and Community.

There are no drop down options here and should be chosen as a last resort, as category selection is important for search results. (You can find things like cause and non-profit under the company tab, and education/church under local business.


PAGE TYPE TIP: Don’t panic if what you have chosen doesn’t have everything you want, or if you realise you want it to function differently, you can change your page type later.

Creating Your Page

Once you have selected how you want to set-up your page, you need to create it.


GOING LIVE TIP: Once you have set-up your page you do not need to make it live straight away, instead you can make it ‘unpublished’.


This will allow you to upload as many pictures of your products and information about your business as possible - after-all you only get one chance to make a first impression, so do it with a complete page.

You will also likely be the first person to like your page, HOWEVER don’t do it until you are ready to share it, as it will appear on your timeline.

Complete as much information as possible e.g. links to your website, address, opening hours, descriptions, contact details, profile picture and cover photo. Remember this is the time to show off how great you are and why people should contact and use you.


Logos are a great idea for page profile pictures, and whilst your cover picture needs to be eye catching it also needs to be aligned to your brand.

PROFILE AND COVER PICTURE TIPS: For those who understand images as pixels,  profile pictures need to be uploaded as a square image at 180 x 180 pixels, however note it displays at 160 x 160).


Cover picture should be at least 851 x 315 pixels. Facebook will not allow cover pictures that are primarily text based (some words are fine), anything that infringes on anyone else’s copywrite, or is too promotional e.g. discounts, prices or really salesy wording.)

Already Have A Page

The above is helpful if you don’t have a page, or created one on a whim and it needs addressing, but what about once it has been created, and is alive and kicking?


Here are a few areas to look at:

- Invite your friends.

This might sound like a simple idea, but you would be surprised the amount of times people feel they are going to annoy their friends (especially if not directly related to them). Your friends are in fact the very people who are likely to help push you and if anything would be upset if they were left out of the loop. (Even if your friends are not directly related to your type of business, the minute they interact with your page, their friends can see it, therefore likely pushing it further to those who are.)


- Organise views and applications (apps).

There are a number of different apps available and you can choose which you want to be seen/ showcase below the cover picture. (You can choose a total of 12 apps.)


- Star, hide and pin.

You can hover over individual stories, make them wider, hide them from your timeline with the pencil icon, highlight them as important information with the star icon, or delete them entirely. You can also pin/anchor a specific story to the top of your timeline for up to 7 days, to ensure they don’t get buried or lost by more recent posts.


- Enable message.
Admins can allow people to send personal messages, making it easier to have private conversations.


- Feature Milestones.

Highlight some of your businesses biggest achievements e.g. growth, awards, product releases etc. ( You can create new or past milestones via your status update box, which will prompt you to input information about it.)


- Adverts.

Facebook allows you to create adverts to reach more people which is great, but best avoided until your page is full and complete (first impressions).


- Making your profile pretty.

You can customise your apps to match the rest of your page - and it can make a big visual difference.

EASY EDITING TIP: Adding your page to your favourites, allows you to find it easily when updating it etc. otherwise you will have to type it in the search box.


Visit our Facebook page, see how we are using it and drop us any questions.


Next time we will look into Facebook further including Facebook analytics. 

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