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- You are a SPECK in the Cosmos

July - September 2018

We come, we go and we leave a trail. Some brighter and longer lasting than others, but the trail we leave is ours, forged from the life we live, the decisions we have made and the way our life has touched those of others. 

Changing The Future
The life we have lived so far can’t be changed, but the future can, because it has not happened yet. 
Whether you are 20, 60 or 100 years old there is time; don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do. I get frustrated when people don’t fulfil their potential.

Living Life Your Way
If like me you are living the life you want, the planning will revolve around maintaining your life and structuring the end. 

For others it is about deciding what they want, why they want it, and just how much they want it, and then who or what can help them. 

Age and experience will be reflected in decision making. 

There may be very little to change and often the change can already be achieved, you just don’t know how.


Helping You Achieve
My role as a financial planner allows me to bring together my previous experience as an accountant and incorporates my knowledge as a qualified life coach and Chartered Fellow In Management to help clients work out what they want and often how they can achieve it. 

Sometimes this can just involve restructuring existing finances, for others it requires a structured plan. That said most of my clients are financially wealthy and are, or have been, more successful than the average person so they have the ability to achieve their financial goals easier. 

But goals and aspirations are not all about money and often more to do with quality of life for them and those they love. 

Saving, Maintaining and Improving
Many of my older clients have significant wealth they are saving for a rainy day, or for their family to inherit. 

I realise the importance of preparing for long term care, but for the older client there is the opportunity to maintain this and still improve the life style of them and others.


How often have you thought that you could have done with more money when you were younger with a mortgage and children, and that now you are older you don’t need as much but have it. 

Gifts to children can give greater pleasure to you, seeing how this benefits them now, rather than when you die and their needs have changed.


My job is financial planning, which is helping clients plan. 

It’s not just about maximising returns, saving tax and providing protection in the event of a major problem, although with our awards and reputable portfolio performance we do of course do all this.


What’s Your Trail?
We are but a speck in the cosmos; we are after all, just one of 7.5 billion people on the planet and one of an estimated 108 billion that have been born in the last 50,000 years. 

So go on, decide what trail you wish to leave and speak to me or someone like me if you feel we can help in your plan.


You should always seek qualified advice from an IFA, preferably a Chartered (APFS) or Certified (CFP) Financial Planner. If you have a financial question email:

Tony Larkins

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