- 6 Steps To Creating A Festive Marketing Plan

Katie Kitson

November 2018 - January 2019

Whether you sell products or services Christmas is often a very busy time for the majority of businesses. But are you prepared, and ready to take full advantage of the holiday season?

Being Prepared
It doesn’t matter whether you sell what could be classed as a gift or not. The holiday season gets people in a habit of spending money and making them evaluate what they need, want and desire.

A Gift
If you do sell a product or service that could be classed as a gift this festive season then you are already onto a winner, and this guide will hopefully make a lot of sense, and in fact be along the lines of what you are hopefully already doing.

An Out of Season Product or Service
If however you do not have a product or service you consider to be appropriate for a gift, do not panic as the season may very well still be one of your best opportunities, whether you have realised it yet or not.

Tapping into The Season 
The festive season can get crazy, and is often associated with spending lots of money.

There is a large percentage of people who when spending money on either themselves or others, will also look at how much they have spent and consider what else that could have bought them, and then quite often go on to spend even more because they have been caught up in the festivities.

This is proof in itself that when people are spending money they get themselves into a habit, and therefore are more susceptible to buying and this means they are potentially more likely to buy your products/services as a result.

Peoples common aims are to buy gifts for loved ones, feel and look good (both themselves and their homes/lives - it is a time when people to strive to reach their aspirations for life, regardless of whether it is to show off, look after others or to just feel good about themselves).

Choosing Your Direction
Whether you believe you sell something for the holiday season or not, think about the points raised and how you could tap into them better - you might be surprised by the results.

However doing this alone won’t help on it’s own.

Think targeting and put yourself in your potential customers shoes.

What would make you buy for you, for example do you fulfil a need, want or desire? If so how?

Can you convey this with an image and sentence or even just a few words?

Events To Consider

  • Black Friday

  • Small Business Saturday

  • Cyber Monday

  • Giving Tuesday

  • Free Shipping Day

  • Super Saturday

  • Christmas Day Sales

  • Boxing Day Sales

  • New Years Eve

  • Create Your Own - e.g. weather / family / circumstances ... related.

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