- What’s In A Colour?

Katie Kitson

September - November 2018

Colour. Something everyone (unless visually impaired) see’s every day. You may think you take no notice of what is coloured what, and why - just that it is - but if you think about it, it probably plays a bigger part in life than you realise.

As such did you know that the majority of time the colour used for something has been chosen for a very special reason.


The Cost Of Colours
Large companies know the power of colour and as such have often spent a lot of money to make sure that their brand has the right colour.

In some cases companies are only made aware once they have started to grow and bring in a good marketing team to help propel them further. In these cases it is not unheard of for companies to rebrand with a whole new colour, before spending any more money pushing themselves.

It costs next to nothing for a company to choose a colour, but making the wrong decision could cost your company in the long run.

Subconsciously every colour has an affect on how you think and feel.

Therefore you want to make sure that the colour of your business conjures up the right emotions for your target audience, and grabs their attention.


Colour Matters
Previously it has been proven that a product’s colour can influence 60 - 80% of a customers purchasing decision!

Colour is probably the first thing a consumer will notice about your logo.

People are actually aware of whether or not a brand and logo colour really comment.


Top Brands Colour Facts
95% use only 1 or 2 colours
5% use more than 2 colours
41% use text only
9% don’t feature the company name at all


Top Brands Colours Chosen
33% use blue
29% use red
28% use black or greyscale
13% yellow or gold


Using Your Colour/s
When you have spent a lot of time deciding on the right colour for your business it is important that you use it.

To create the biggest impact integrate your brand’s colours across the board e.g. 
- logo
- landing page
- product...


Be Mindful
Once you have chosen your colour be mindful of how it will be seen. Does it stand out against other colours? A good test is to stand back from it. Can you clearly read it/make out what it is?

Your answer will help determine whether you have the right hue of your chosen colour - although also note the lighter the tone the colder the feeling you often create, and therefore the darker, the warmer.


Colours Explained
To help you evaluate whether your own colour is right for your business, whether new or established, here is what I believe each colour represents.

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