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September - November 2017

I have just read a book by David Thomas who broke a Guinness World Record for reciting Pi to 22500 digits, and in it he states...

“The average speed of reading is apparently 250 words per minute and with a few simple techniques most can achieve near to 500.”

The world record however is 4550, that’s right 4550 words per minute.

Clearly for most mortals, 1000 would seem impossible.

So how is it done? Simply by learning to read differently.

Now I don’t hold any Guinness World Records, but I have been told my approach to financial planning is different to the norm, with results that clients are very happy with.

It is true that I am more qualified than your typical adviser, and whilst I obviously know quite a lot, my secret to helping clients differently, is simple – it’s the team I work with.

Each has been hand-picked and trained in what our clients expect, and what needs to be done to reach and exceed that expectation.

We are predominantly risk adverse with our approach and with the team entrusting their own wealth with their colleagues, you can believe me when I say, if they were not happy, changes would be made.

We have highly qualified individuals throughout every stage of the process, and they would know if there was an issue.

I have had some clients for over 25 years and shared dreams and sorrows during this time with many of them. Investment returns fluctuate and legislation means some things change, but the offer of good advice and dependability always remain.

Traditionally when we are taught to read and see and read every letter of every word, and yet when we see a sign post with directions we don’t read the place name, we see it and know what it means. If you could do this with every word, you would see them, not read them, but still know the text. A good adviser doesn’t need to think about every aspect of planning each time they do it, they instinctively know things and can relate to thousands of experiences.


Why not test yourself now? This article has 555 words, so how long does it take you to read it? It should be easier as it will be for the second time. Then, consider the effect of knowing how to do things differently can change the outcome.

Doing things the same way as everyone else would have made Beacon average and our awards show that is not true.

By recognising my own shortcomings and those of our team I was able to recruit individuals for those specific tasks. It means we are overstaffed but I would rather be overstaffed and able to offer a first class service, than lacking in areas and failing our clients.

Our investment team review funds daily not just when it’s time for a client review. World markets change constantly and changes are made to portfolios when required. Researchers look at new ideas and work in teams to improve solutions not just when a client has a problem.

Sir Clive Woodward said a team needs to do 100 things 1% better to be 100% better, that’s why whether it’s learning to read very quick or advising a client things are often best done in a different way to the norm.

Tony Larkins

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