- ​What is a Lookbook
and how can it get you more customers?

September - November 2017

Having covered the 7 steps to creating a Strong Brand Strategy last issue, this time we are
looking at Lookbooks.

Whether you are a business selling products or services, everyone always seems to be
looking for the ‘next thing’ or something different to do, to promote themselves.

Lookbooks have been around for years, but thanks to the internet they have evolved and
are proving incredibly popular and effective (when done right).

So what is a Lookbook, how can you implement one and why should you?
Lookbooks are a powerful marketing tool that can help you cement your brand and emotional connection with your audience, helping to secure leads, sales and conversions.

Traditionally known and used only by the fashion industry Lookbooks have transformed into a world of their own.

What is a Look Book?
A Lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off something e.g. clothes, products, people, services...

The basic idea behind them is to give viewers ideas on how they can be implemented into their everyday life and make them a desirable product/service, that promotes an action/want/need.

Having transformed over time they now combine both photos, and videos - they are an
immersive visual experience, allowing you to set a mood and tone for your brand, both on and offline.

Visual content is easier and faster for people to process and great for generating more views,
clicks and conversions, which is why Lookbooks are becoming more and more popular.
With this in mind let’s start from the beginning.

Visual Identity and Brand Strategy
Before getting started you need to make sure that whatever you create meets your companies visual identity and brand strategy - together you have the recipe to create a rich visual experience with context for successful content marketing.

Implementing a Look Book
Showcasing products/services in real life scenarios via a Lookbook can help you connect a
lot quicker and on a deeper level.

Think of a catalogue and now rip up the rule book. Instead of cramming as much as possible on one page, have fewer items saying a lot more.

A picture speaks a thousand words - therefore choosing the right imagery is key. Often easier for products than services, but think about the impact your service has on someone’s life.

Before creating a Lookbook think about what you want it to achieve - what is your end goal
in terms of results? The more targeted you are, the better chance you have of achieving your results.

Ideas for targets could be to drive more people to a page to buy, getting people to share
content, or sign up for an email newsletter.


Why Have One?
Most people now search online, and people are becoming increasingly lazier, therefore if
you can convey your message via simultaneous imagery (which when put together can be used as a book) you will probably find it a lot easier to convert leads, as people can understand your product/services on a deeper level.

Katie Kitson

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