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-  The Myth of Resistance Training

March - May 2017

In the past, working in the fitness industry you could easily see a separation between cardio and weight users.  

Those who walk into the gym, move to their respective machine/bench and perform their workout.  Most of the time you wouldn’t see them switch across to join in with other people’s routines. 



‘Weights will make me big and muscular’


‘I want to burn fat, so I will stick to my cardio’


‘Weights are for men’


These are all common statements that are heard on a regular basis; which is due to the miscommunication of different fitness styles. 


I spoke to several gym users and asked them a simple question: 
“What do you think of when I say weights and resistance training?”  


Their responses, which wasn’t a complete surprise to me, were bodybuilders & muscular people. So it’s easy to see why many people believe these illusions. 

As we progress into recent years I have started to see a slight change in the habits of gym users. 

Many more women are switching their styles and starting to complete resistance workouts. 

Although there is a rise in this number, I still believe it should be increased significantly more. 

Therefore I am here to destroy those myths of resistance training and explain just how beneficial it will be for your body. Let’s start with the statement ‘weights will make me big and muscular’.   

You may see women bodybuilders who compete who look muscular in stature but that isn’t just because they picked up a heavy weight.  They are in that physical condition due to other reasons.  
The diets they have and the supplements they take are all geared to that end goal.


So you ask, how do your muscles react doing resistance training? -  Well here’s the truth! 
Your muscles will get stronger when you lift up heavy weights BUT not necessarily bigger.  


Yes, if you are pumped with testosterone and eat a lot more calories than you burn, they will get bigger.  This however would only relate to a small proportion of people and most are probably training for that purpose.

The majority of people would actually fall into this following statement: 
When you eat for a calorie deficit diet (burning more calories than you consume) and eat the 

right kind of food, your muscles will get stronger and denser.  

The difference is that as you will be burning the fat on top of your muscles, you will be left with a toned sought after body that many individuals are training for. 


Now you have a basic understanding of how your muscles will work during resistance training, let’s move onto our next statement:  

‘I want to burn fat, so I will stick to my cardio’.

Do you spend hours a week running, in the hope that you will lose some weight? 

Does the idea of doing cardio make you feel demotivated? 

- So here’s the truth!

You don’t actually have to set foot onto another treadmill, elliptical machine ever again.  
That of course is unless you want to.  

Don’t get me wrong, doing a cardio workout is great for hitting that cardiovascular system, but is it the best method for burning fat?  
The answer is no.

Believe it or not doing resistance training is a more efficient weight loss method than an equal amount of cardio.  

There is a term in the industry called the ‘after-burn effect’.  

When we do resistance training we are putting pressure on the muscles.  The muscle fibres inside these muscles are broken down and they then rebuild themselves over a 1-3 day period.  

As the body is rebuilding the muscles, it actually recruits more calories and energy to help the process complete itself.  

Therefore it means that you could be doing your daily out of gym routine while your metabolism is working at a faster rate.


So we come to our last statement:

‘Weights are for men.’
As we can see from the evidence given, resistance work is a training method that we all must do.  
Not only will the training give you multiple benefits, it will give you some fresh new techniques to try.  


It’s all about keeping the routines fun and fresh with exercises that will help you reach those desired goals.

Don’t forget, there are other benefits to weight training that I haven’t discussed here which include:

- You decrease the risk of osteoporosis

- You will be physically stronger

- You will reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis,

- You will reduce the risk of heart disease

- You will reduce the risk of diabetes.


So there we have it, myths destroyed. 

If you have found this article interesting and want to learn more or even start your own resistance training journey, send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help. 

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An example of a HIIT session could consist of the following:


3 Rounds
45 Seconds work 
15 Seconds rest. 

1 Minute rest per round completion.

Star Jumps
Side Lunges
Push Ups
Butt Kicks