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- One Journey Ends, A New One Begins

November 2017 - January 2018

This issue is filled with mixed emotions as Alex says Goodbye - but for great reasons.

Throughout the last year I have discussed several topics that can help and improve the way you conduct your fitness, health and lifestyle choices and it is with great sadness that this will actually be my last article.  


It has been an honour helping to guide you on your journey and one that I will truly miss.  
The exposure of this magazine has been so overwhelming that I am now inundated with work and therefore am unable to continue. 


As the old saying goes, when one journey ends a new one begins.  
We must all take our own journeys and control the psychological impacts that occur with them.  After all, how we cope will normally dictate how we proceed with our future. 


This is the same principle that applies to individuals who participate in exercise and fitness.  
As we go through our fitness journeys whether it’s at the start or during, there are always psychological barriers you need to conquer to be able to reach that next stage.

As a fitness professional all I have to do is monitor a participant to find out what current psychological state they are in.  

There are those who give it everything they have and those who turn up, make excuses, and think just being there will be enough.  

Will the outcome be the same, will you be happy with your progress?
The answer is no if you don’t put your head and heart into it. 


I understand that in life there will always be barriers that will try and stop you succeeding, but it’s the way you deal with these barriers that can either motivate or hinder the outcome. 

The most important factor is having the passion.

What is the first thing you think about when you’re about to exercise?  

Is it: 

  • ‘Here we go again’

  • ‘I’m not looking forward to this’

  • ‘How long do I have to do this?’


Or is it:

  • ‘Come on, let’s smash it’

  • ‘I’ve got this’

  • ‘Let’s get to work?’

Depending on your answer, straight away this will tell you how the session is going to go.  


In order to achieve you must believe.  

Even if you’ve missed a session or had a bad night’s sleep you must control your mind and keep it positive.  


One of our body’s functions is to survive.  If you let it, it will always take the easy route.  


Does the easy route lead you to success?  


You may put your body under less pain and stress but you will not succeed.  


Only by pushing, remaining focused and dealing with the pressures, will you find success.

Having that great psychological control is not an easy feat.  
A number of factors will always try and put you off focus but there are ways that can help so that doesn’t happen to you.


The first thing is quite simple. 


Keep Goals Realistic
Do not set your goals too high, keep them achievable and remain focused on hitting your targets during each session.  


Every time you complete that session and complete those goals you will feel a sense of achievement.  


You will feel positive as you’ve done what you went there to do.  


That mind-set will keep you going for each session that follows.  


Remove Barriers
Another way of trying to keep positive is getting rid of barriers that are restricting you.  


By knowing what you do each week, you can plan for it and allow it to fit in your lifestyle.  

This will then reduce the worry of time, which in turn reduces stress about fitting it in, meaning you can solely focus on the session working towards your goals. 


Coping with an Injury
Now, there is a likelihood that at some point your body may sustain a small injury.  


Depending on the severity and location you can still condition your body.  


Instead of stopping completely and feeling worse about yourself, think of the things you can do instead.  


If the injury is localised you can do some light sessions that don’t impede it.

You can massage and also do some rehabilitation to help you recover more quickly. 


Keep Going
If there is one thing that you have learnt from this and the others articles I hope it is that you should never give up.  


Believe in yourself, set targets, embrace the challenges that you will face and I guarantee that by the end of it, not only will you achieve things you once thought were impossible, but you will feel good about yourself and the way you live.


So for the last time....  It has been a pleasure and I hope you all continue positively with your future endeavours. 

Further Details:
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