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January 2018

Happy new year to you all! Let me begin by saying what an absolute honour it is to be joining Katie and the team here at B Inspired. I’m very much looking forward to making a positive contribution.
As the headline suggests, my name is Chris Thatcher and I’m a health coach and personal trainer.

Who Am I?
For over 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of people to achieve their healthiest
possible life. 

I recently moved to St Neots having previously lived and worked around London and Hertfordshire. I am now very excited to be bringing my knowledge and experience to you, my new neighbours.

Healthy and Happy
I truly believe that healthier people build happier, stronger and more vibrant communities. So I
hope that by sharing the best of what I know I can have a positive impact on you as an individual
and as a result, help us all to thrive together.

So, with the idea of new  beginnings it seems only appropriate to start our journey with the key subject in the world at this time of year…resolutions. 

New Years Resolutions
Once again, another 12 months have flown by in what seem like days. The Christmas chaos is
behind us and you’re left with that feeling of possibility only a new year can bring.

The problem is that while you might start out strong, motivation, energy and drive can inevitably start to fizzle and fade after only a few weeks leaving you frustrated. Of course you’ll promise to start again next week but then next week becomes next month and before you know it next month has once again become next year. You’re back making resolutions again, only this time with another year’s worth of excess weight and even less fitness, making it all the more difficult to start over.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

To help you to finally break this painful cycle I want to give you some very simple but highly effective advice to ensure your efforts this new year aren’t in vain. 


Firstly, have you ever asked yourself why this same thing happens each year?

If you blamed it on your lack of willpower I’m afraid you’d be wrong.

For most people the real missing link is simply not having a good plan. More specifically, not having focused, realistic and achievable goals. So if you want to really become the healthiest and fittest possible version of you in 2018, you need a powerful formula, something to organise your efforts and help you set better goals!

When working with my own clients I’ve found the most effective way to keep them motivated and achieving lasting results is to change their goal setting focus from ‘outcomes’ to ‘behaviours’.

When it comes to our goals, most of us typically do the same thing. We put too much emphasis on the big outcome we desire rather than the behaviours that actually get us there. For example, your goal might be to lose weight or drop a dress size, something that only describes the result you want at the end of the process.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking about what you want, to be most effective, we
can’t stop there. Wanting things isn’t enough... even if you really want them!

Because outcomes are too heavily dependant on many things that are mostly outside of your control.

For example, you can’t control how fast your cells ‘burn’ fat just by hoping, just like you can’t control your hormones, stress and so many other physical and environmental factors that
impact you. 

What’s more, outcomes alone can feel really big, causing us to take more drastic ‘all or nothing’
actions like extreme exercise or crash dieting.

Ultimately this only ever ends in pain, exhaustion and stress, with our motivation and willpower drained.

As a result we’re left vulnerable to bad habits creeping back in, such as skipping workouts or
snacking on low quality food. 


Setting New Years Resolutions 

So when it comes to setting your new years goals, note down your desired outcome but then
think about all the little steps you can take to move you toward that outcome and the order they
should come in.

For example, a very simple but incredibly effective practice for helping to lose weight might be
‘eating slowly’.

This mindful daily action will help you to eat less overall, make better food choices and enjoy better digestion...resulting in increased fat loss over time!

Other behaviour examples for this outcome could be…
• Do some form of physical activity for at least 10 minutes every day.
• Eat only until satisfied not stuffed.
• Eat protein and vegetables with every meal.

Whatever you choose, in one simple step you can turn an uncontrollable outcome into controllable behaviours.

To start setting your own powerful behaviour goals, begin by writing down one outcome you want.


Don’t over-think it, just name the result you want to achieve the most.

Now write down some behaviours you think you’ll need to achieve that outcome. If you’re
just starting out, it’s best to start with whichever option you feel the most capable of doing right now.

You can then go one step deeper by writing down some smaller, supportive behaviours that will
help to enforce the main ones.

Some examples might be…

Main: Go to the gym 3 times a week
Supportive: Pack my gym bag the night before each workout.

Main: Choose healthier snacks between meals.
Supportive: Pre-buy extra fruit and nuts to take with me each day.

Now simply aim to carry out your new behaviour today, tomorrow and so on. At first, try
just one at a time for up to two weeks to help build the habit.

Most importantly, always keep in mind that if for any reason you don’t manage it, don’t let one
little slip derail you. Every day is a clean slate, so dust yourself off and simply go again.

In the end, by making goals out of behaviours you can control your outcomes far more easily.

If you would like more help  with this or for that matter any aspect of your health and fitness,
please do not hesitate to get in touch - I would love to help you build your healthiest possible life.


In that spirit I’d like to offer you a free consultation call during which we can discuss your needs
and goals. From this I can help you to devise an effective strategy that will better guide your efforts.

Simply visit my website for more information.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work today. 


I hope you’ve been able to take real value from it and I very much look forward to serving you more
in the coming months.

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