Katie Kitson

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September 2016

Hi my name is Katie Kitson, owner and Managing Director of B Inspired Publications Ltd.
This month I will share with you a little insight into how I ended up being a Chartered Marketer and why I decided to set-up B Inspired Publications Ltd.


From a young age I sadly experienced a lot of great people leave the world, and so have always had the mentality that you don’t know how long you have, so live your life to the full. A mantra I am proud to say I have always followed, and one I hope to instil in my daughter when she is older - provided she follows it sensibly of course.

Growing up, I, like a lot of people, didn’t have a clue what I wanted to be/do in life. I went through school studying subjects I liked and whilst I may have had daydreams of different job ideas, one never stuck out. So when the time came, and I was faced with leaving the education system, which had become a comfort blanket, as I hadn’t had to worry about the ‘real world’, I had to make a decision – What was I going to do?! Luckily for me, older friends used to visit during university breaks, recounting tales of partying and generally having a great time. 

So I’ll be honest, when faced with growing up and getting a job, or going to university to live with new friends and partying - I chose the latter. 

The problem I faced though was what degree to choose. I quite liked the sound of a number of courses, but I soon discovered, that there was A LOT of other degree subjects I had never even heard of, and none of the online degree matching tests brought back anything I was overly sure on. So I came up with a plan. One that whilst worked great for me, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. I picked up a prospectus and went through the alphabet, stopping at the first course that sounded interesting. Accountancy was first, which sounded boring to me, and then I came across Advertising and Marketing Communications, which sounded really interesting. Decision made. Despite my somewhat unorthodox way of choosing a course, I fully researched universities and decided on my selection, luckily managing to go to my top choice.

My first day in lectures resulted in me discovering that I was the only person on my course who hadn’t studied a variety of GCSE and A Levels subjects! But I did OK. I partied hard, but also worked hard, finding myself often being one of the highest graded on the course, and winning numerous course competitions. I had completely, unexpectedly fallen on my feet. I absolutely loved the course, which included working with many live clients, including launching a new designer at London Fashion Week, writing a PR campaign for the first Yorkshire Fashion Week, rebranding a Church (yes you read that right), created a mainstream magazine concept that fulfilled a gap in the market (little did I know, I would be launching my own local magazine in the future), designed exhibition stands, created websites… It was a very hands on course, with fantastic lecturers.

Following my love of living life to the full, during the summer between my first and second year I worked in America at a children’s camp, as a councillor, before going on a road trip with new friends for two weeks, from South Carolina to New York. 

The next summer break despite being offered a job with Disneyland Florida (they offer students summer jobs, which is worth checking out) to work as a character for the summer, I needed to organise a placement (job), for my third year, and so declined the offer. Something I don’t regret, but have had fleeting thoughts of ‘what would it have been like’, although that is normally followed with ‘very hot and sweaty’.  

I landed my placement (my first marketing job) by attending a local networking event, and announcing who I was and that I was looking for a marketing job for a year, which resulted in me being featured on the front page of their newsletter and receiving three job offers. 

From there I went on to finish my university degree with a 2.1 BA Honours, buy my first home, an apartment on Loves Farm, St Neots (with the help of my amazing parents), went travelling with the money I had saved during my placement (with my fiancé, now husband) and returned to manage the marketing for two local companies, got married, moved house, had a baby - in short got older...
Since university, I also became one of the youngest Chartered Marketers in the UK - something I am very proud of, and have been one for many years.


During my time as a marketer, not only have I learnt that what you are taught in university can only get you so far, I have spent most nights reading blogs and magazines, listening to experts in their respective fields and inhaling everything, because quite frankly I enjoy it and find it interesting, which has helped me continually grow and be asked to speak at  numerous events about my experiences and marketing, the latest of which was at a large marketing event in London, which I declined to focus on launching B Inspired Publications Ltd.

But why B Inspired? I have long been looking for a platform as both a marketer and advertiser, where I could connect with both other businesses and the general public. Luckily I have found a few platforms that work well, however many others turn out, as they often do, to become something that soon continually gets binned. So instead of becoming increasingly annoyed I decided to do something about it, and B Inspired was born. 

Connecting with people both on and offline, B Inspired is designed to allow everyone a voice. Advertisers in their traditional sense, are invited instead to become experts, and share their skills so you, the readers can learn something not only about them, but about their industry and aspects you can do/look into yourself. Advertisers are also asked to become sponsors, and allow their target audience a chance to have a free place to advertise themselves and their events. 

It is about breaking down barriers and putting everyone in touch with one another, focusing on the positives of our community and making it easier for everyone to have a voice and share events, reviews, thoughts...

The magazine is free, and advertising is cheap, but will I make money I hear you ask – I certainly hope so! But not straight away. I am focused on making sure B Inspired is correctly placed and being a business that places both the general public and advertisers needs first, therefore whilst I want and need the venture to make money, I will not allow B Inspired magazine as a product/business to fall because of it.

I may be young, but I am lucky enough to have worked for my business role model for many years and helped set-up businesses, which I hope will have already given me a head start.

I look forward to working with you in the future and togeher we can make this a success. After all doesn’t everyone deserve a chance to be able to advertise themselves for free and have a chance to share their opinions of their community?

Each month I will be writing articles about aspects of marketing that you can do yourself. From social media to print and event management, if there is a topic you would like to be featured, please contact me via one of the details listed below.

Further Details:

B Inspired Publications Ltd focuses on the positives of the community and is designed to give everyone a voice based on this.

Website: www.binspiredmag.co.uk


Tel: 01480 471169

Facebook: /B Inspired Magazine