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B INSPIRED magazine brings the best of traditional and social media together, creating an environment that stimulates conversation between local businesses and the general public, as well as representing an important source of local knowledge and news. 

It is B INSPIRED's aim to highlight the positive aspects of the community, by allowing everyone a voice and a chance to shine.



Katie Kitson

Managing Director

Hello. Just a little about me, as this website and business is really about all of you.

I live in St Neots with my wonderful family and have lived here virtually all of my life. I love the area and the people around me, but continually get annoyed by the lack of support new smaller businesses and groups seem to have when trying to push themselves into the public eye.

I am a Chartered Marketer and have worked with a number of local businesses, helping them to improve their presence and enhance their brand. I have learnt a lot of the tricks of the trade, and know that you don't actually have to spend a lot of money to get your name out there - something a lot of marketers/PR agencies don't like to share. 

B INSPIRED magazine has also been developed to create a platform where businesses, groups, clubs and individuals can actually talk to one another. People are geting bored and annoyed of being spoken at. So things are changing. It is now all about connecting with one another. 

(Previous experience also includes writing content for local and national newspapers and magazines, launching a new designer at London Fashion Week, rebranding a church, creating a PR campaign for the first Yorkshire Fashion Week and being a guest speaker at events.)


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